2B Costume

Cosplay Character: 2B

Game: Nier Automata

Cosplayer/Crafter: Tsukimi Yiandrew

In Game Image


Cosplay Photo



So I started this project in the beginning of July.


In game, her outfit has a fluffy texture which seems like velvet. However, considered the temperature in the convention center, I used microfiber instead, which, luckily, still gives me the fluffiness.

I decided to make the dress two parts as how 2B has it in game: a body suit and a removable skirt.

First, I made the base skirt which is just a basic full circle skirt, but then it didn’t seem to be quit puffy.  So I added another 1/2 circle.  With the patter, it is really subtle in game.  I do not like how many others make it on the internet, since painting gives an obvious pattern, but it is not always visible in game, and seems to have a depth to it (normal map I’m assuming), so I hand burned the pattern onto the skirt.  Took quite awhile and practice. (Left: In Game, Right: Burned Pattern)

I hand patterned the rest of the suit based on my dress form using duck tap method, and then tested out with cheap fabric, then made the final version.  The sleeves pattern is also done by myself after googling puffy sleeve tutorial.

The small details and patterns on her front and back are all hand-sewed onto a black mesh after cutting them out, and the white outlines are hand-sewed as well.

Gloves are probably the hardest part of my entire cosplay XD.  I literally made 6 pairs till I am finally happy with them.


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